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An Innovation Company

Labyrinth Technologies™ is a fast-growing innovation company located in St. Louis, Missouri. Researching ideas that are supported by long term fundamentals and trends, we develop products with an emphasis on connected technologies, infrastructure, power, as well as materials + processes. All new products are then manufactured, assembled, and marketed by our operating companies to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. In the past 3 years, our imaginative and passion-driven multi-disciplinary engineering team has successfully launched 9 products with multi-year municipality contracts and has obtained 18 issued and pending patents as well as 5 copyrights.

Our Innovations

Market Silos that Manage Products Developed by Labyrinth


-- Connected Technologies

Real-time control and communication with millions of devices, such as lighting, sensors, cameras, and more. Modular and custom deployment plans for municipalities and enterprises.

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-- Turn On The Color

Chroma is a new engaging way of expressing your brand and organization through beautiful, highly-customizable, and power-efficient LED strips in an award-winning Internet of Things (IoT) system.

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-- Edge Infrastructure

One-stop solution for seamlessly integrating new technologies to existing infrastructure. Approved by utility and telecommunication providers to offer the smoothest deployment.

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Atropos Composites™

-- Material + Process

Design and manufacture composite structures and components for Labyrinth Technologies™' market silos and external customers.

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Have a Pain Point?

Innovate With Labyrinth.

Let labyrinth Technologies™ help overcome your challenges with our creative problem-solving process and experienced electrical, mechanical, and software engineering teams. In-house designing, prototyping, and manufacturing turn a concept into a product.

Working at Labyrinth

At Labyrinth Technologies™, we are creating a highly flexible engineering and operational culture that promotes and incubates innovation. Inter-disciplinary projects, hands-on rapid prototyping, cutting-edge tech product testing, and many more engineering activities have led Labyrinth Technologies™ to success and will continue to fuel our creative problem-solving in many more opportunities to come.

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