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Labyrinth to Deploy Small Cell Wireless Poles in St. Louis

Small Wireless Facility Pole Installation Commences this Winter

Labyrinth Installs City’s First Small Cell Wireless Pole Outside City Hall

Mayor Able to Admire View of City’s Latest Technology from Her Office

$4.6 Million #LightMySTL Project Moves Forward

Full Deployment of 2,500 Lights Over 360 Square Blocks Will Form One of the Largest SMART City Networks In North America

Labyrinth Wins the Vince Bommarito Special Merit Award

Company’s Visionary Leadership with #LightMySTL Initiative Recognized by DSI

Labyrinth Technologies Completes Market St. Demonstration

Innovative SMART Lighting System Exceeds Expectations

St. Louis Board of Public Service Approves LT Pole Design

Labyrinth 5G Poles to Be New St. Louis Standard Following BPS Formal Approval

Labyrinth Completes Development of New St. Louis Lighting Infrastructure Standard

Telecommunications Companies to Underwrite Deployment of the 21st Century Infrastructure

Labyrinth Demos 2nd Generation Technology for #LightMySTL

Tunable Streetlights that Can Be Powered Up to Daylight Levels on Command and Fully Addressable Chroma LED Strips Capable of Multiple Light Patterns Wow Potential Funders

Labyrinth Acquires Manufacturer to Form Labyrinth Industrial

Midwest Specialty Fabricators Purchased to Form Labyrinth Industrial and Labyrinth SMART Infrastructure as Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries of Labyrinth Technologies

If streetlights and cars could talk: Firms demonstrate 'smart infrastructure' tech in downtown St. Louis

A joint demonstration between Labyrinth and E-Cab of North America

Labyrinth Wins Innovation Award for Lighting Technology

Prestigious Illumination Engineering Society Presents Merit Award for #LightMySTL

Labyrinth Completes #LightMySTL Demo Deployment

Company Deploys 135 Lights as Part of Project #LightMySTL Demonstration

Labyrinth Technologies Deploys SMART Infrastructure

Work Begins on Deploying 135 Lights as Part of Project #LightMySTL Demonstration

DSI Hires Labyrinth for $400,000 #LightMySTL Pilot Project

135 Custom Designed SMART Lights to Be Installed on Market Street As Demonstration

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